Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 8 - Wii Active Training Day 1

I know that this is a little late but I had a photo shoot that I was doing all day yesterday, but that is another blog story!

So, day 1 of the Wii Active Personal Trainer. I really think that doing some of the pre-made exercises helped out a lot before I started this journey! I knew what to expect and I knew what I could do. I have it on the medium setting right now. I enjoy doing this because it feels like you are playing a game! Seeing the other "you" on the screen helps out! One thing that I wish they had an option for is actually doing the 30 day challenge with a friend. You can do the pre-made workouts together, but you can't do it with a friend?!

So Day 1 went well for me because of getting to know some of the exercises before hand! I think the hardest thing that I am going to have to accomplish is the eating. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast, Subway for lunch and something small and handy for dinner. Lately it has been string cheese or the Minute Rice brown rice in the single servings container. I have a 5 month old and as most of you parents out there know, she comes first. By the time I feed her, bathe her and put her to bed it's too late for me to eat a "real" meal. This is something that I am working on but once the hubby comes home from Afghanistan it will be better. Before he left I ALWAYS made a complete meal. With him gone, I have no one to cook for until Shannon starts eating real food. Until then it's string cheese, water or anything else that is quick and portable!

Since I didn't do it yesterday (and I'm sure my Wii will yell at me) I am going to be doing day 2 today. I did hear that if you miss a day the program auto-corrects itself and makes you work out harder to compensate. *SAYS SARCASTICLY* Yippy I can't wait!

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