Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 5 - Celebrities

So today on twitter I had a little fun with a celebrity. You may know him as @carsonjdaly. If you were not around to see it, let me tell you, I had SO much fun! Here is the story.

Yesterday Carson Daly put out there that he got someone's pic of their hubby/boyfrind/whatever from overseas. I decided that I would send him one of my hubby as well. So I got an @ today from him telling me that he thought it was a good pic and he thanked me. For whatever reason still unknown to me I decided that it would be funny to act like one of those overly obsessed, needs a hobby other than stalking fans! I tweeted something along the lines of "*SQUEELS LIKE A TEENAGER* OMG @carsonjdaly wrote to me BREATHE BREATHE" or something to that affect. Well, surprisingly, and not at all planned on, I started getting responses like crazy! Stuff like "Take deep breathes" and "He is just like us LOL" So as I was responding to those tweets, in the same fun fashion I was doing with Carson Daly, he tweeted to me telling me that he laughed when he saw the description. I, being the person that I am, had even MORE fun with it saying "*SQUEEL AGAIN* He tweeted me AGAIN *HYPERVENTALATING* I need to sit down" and stuff like that.

Now I am fairly certain by this point he thinks I am ABSOLUTELY insane! I think others were thinking that as well, but for thise who know me, they can tell you that that is NOT like me at all! I do firmly believe that celebrities are just like normal people but I do want to thank Carson Daly for putting up with me and taking the risk of writing me back the second time! You truly are a great and caring guy and I only hope that I get to meet you in the future!

So, now that that is said, let me talk about celebrities and our obessesions with them. I just don't get it, and maybe someone can explain, but why do people get so up in arms when they meet/see/tweet with a celebrity? Is it because they are more well known? Is it because you respect what they do, or is it because they are out of their mind obsessed? I remember watching news clips about people fainting and crying during concerts and such or seeing a celebrity on the street and mowing them down trying to hug them. Seriously? Why do we get so facinated with people who are in the "spotlight" Do they have some kind of superpower that makes people lose their minds when "commoners" see them?

I think that it is ridiculous how some of them are treated. Some can't ever pee in private, some are hounded by photographers and other insist on being treated like a king/queen. Well I have news for you, they are no more special than you or I. Acting/singing/dancing/hosting or whatever it is that they do as their profession is just a job. I have a job and I don't see anyone asking me for my autograph! So most of them are good at what they do and there aren't a lot of people who can't memorize lines, sing in tune or dance like there is no tomorrow, but there are also some people out there that can't do brain surgery, defend a client in court and win or run a PATRIOT missle system but I don't see anyone asking them for autographs! The truth is is that I think people are drwan to the money and what that money can bring. Expensive cars, houses, boats and huge houses amoung other things. Things that "normal" people only DREAM about and being able to touch, hug, kiss, see those who can makes people feel closer to obtaining that dream.

Now, let's reverse it. There are a lot of celebrities out there that have gone insane over being in the public eye. Whether it's shaving your head (love you Brit) or smashing cameras or "running over" cameramen, they go nuts! My question for them is why? You knew what you were getting into when you decided to audition. You were hoping that you would become rich and famous and now that you are you can't handle it? It wasn't like you didn't know that the possibility was there, in fact I would bet that it was something that you were HOPING! It reminds me of a song where they sing about the "problems" that celebrities have and then say that they wish that they had those "problems". Another good song is "Celebrity" By Brad Paisley. If I ever met a celebrity or *crossing fingers* become one myself, I wouldn't treat them any different then anyone else. People think that celebrities are interesting. Well, I think there are plenty of interesting people out there that AREN'T celebrities like Military wives (you knew that was coming), single mothers/fathers, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, assistants, doctors, nurses and the list goes on and on! So next time you meet/see/tweet with a celebrit, just remember, they have no special superpower, they are just good at their job. Treat them like any other average person cause that is what they are (minus the fame, fortune, personal trainer, chef, butler, maid and nanny).


  1. YES! Thank you for reminding us all of this. One thing I wonder about, and find a bit sad, is that many celebs don't RT. I totally understand how busy they are, etc. But part of me wonders if, 1)they are concerned that they may RT to a psychotic stalker type or 2) they really don't feel the fan(s) is/are worth the time to RT....I'm not uptight about it at all...lol. Just curious. Anyhow-when I tweet to the couple of celebs I tweet to, what I say is sincere and from the heart...meant with the utmost respect and admiration and I think it's like that for most of us. :o)